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Raymond J. Prince


Advisor Group for the

Graphic Arts Industries

Renamed after its founder, the late Raymond J. Prince, the Graphic Communication Advisors Group (GCAG) is now the:

Raymond J. Prince

Graphic Communication Advisors Group

The purpose of the Raymond J. Prince Graphic Communication Advisors Group (GCAG) is to make specialists and experts accessible to the printing, publishing, packaging, and related communities.


With pressures to minimize permanent fulltime staff, the GCAG provides fresh, outside perspectives that benefit from a broad range of experiences and a long-term commitment to all facets of the graphic arts industries.


This website offers a directory of highly experienced graphic art consultants and practitioners, many of whom are industry’s “household names” and best-known managers, technologists, scientists, researchers, authors, and Expert Witnesses. They bring the power of their deep expertise and  problem-solving acumen to bear on your most difficult problems. They are ready to serve you in the areas on the next page.


Sid Chadwick

Paul Cousineau

Howard Fenton

Laura Gale

Raymond Hartman

John E. Hyde, Esq.

Frank Kanonik

Harvey R. Levenson

Kenneth L. Macro

Laura Moynihan

Michael Murphy

John Parsons

Gordon Rivera

Frank Romano

Peter A. Schlosser

Steven Schnoll

Steve Suffoletto

John P. Sweeney

Robert C. Tapella

Janet Treer

Richard D. Warner

How To Use This Website

The Graphic Communication Advisors Specialties on the following pages include an email address, website, phone number, or a combination for each Advisor. Please review the listings and contact the Advisor of your choice directly should there be a need for assistance.

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