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Editor: Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus. Cal Poly


January 2021

Sid Chadwick

Chadwick Consulting, Inc.

The Value of Surveys: Customer Surveys--Forgotten, Unknown Treasures

February 2021

C. Nelson Ho

President, NEJC Consulting Corporation

The Myths of EHS--Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance

March 2021

Steven Schnoll


Time for Change—Become a Multi-Channel Content Delivery Specialist

April 2021

Janet Treer

President, The Treer Group

Discover Your Powerful Leader Within

May 2021

Bill Woods

Principal, The Advisement Center

And Now for Something Completely Different (or...defeating the Vortex)

June 2021

Raymond Hartman

Printing Industry Advisor and Consultant

Strategic Capital Investments in the Printing Industry

July 2021

Kenneth Macro

Professor of Graphic Communication, Cal Poly

Printing Industry Advisor and Consultant

History is the window on the future—

Wynkyn De Words: The First, True Lean Strategist in the English-Speaking Print Community

August 2021

Howie Fenton

Principal, Howie Fenton Consulting

Seven Survival Best Practices From Business Downturns—Lessons learned from the pandemic that will help for tomorrow’s planning


September 2021

John E. Hyde, Esq.

Managing Director, Special Situations

Graphic Arts Advisors. LLC

Graceful Transition from Business Ownership When Traditional Options Are Not Attractive

October 2021

John Parsons

Writer, Videographer, a CMO IntuIdeas

Remote Learning Revisited

COVID forced us to reevaluate virtual classrooms and distance learning. Can our graphic communication schools and training programs adapt?


November 2021

Laura Moynihan

Principal, Digital Helpmates

Becoming a Digital Boss

Laura Moynihan of Digital Helpmates encourages industry newcomers and private users to be in control of their computers and mobile devices


December 2021

Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D.

Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly

THE REVERSE PYRAMID—Thinking Upside Down Leads to Success

Harvey Levenson focuses on leadership strategies in creating a stable work environment that attracts and retains employees.


January 2022

Hal Hinderliter, Ph. D.

Accessible Publishing: A Valued Skill for Graphic Communicators

Hal Hinderliter's article provides value for our industry’s long-range planning considerations, and could drive decisions on growth for companies of all sizes.


February 2022

Howie Fenton

Howie Fenton Consulting

A Roadmap to Becoming an Industry Leader in Print Production

In his article, Fenton stresses the importance of having multiple skill sets that he calls traditional and new skills needed to be successful in the modern printing industry.

March 2022

Laura Moynihan

Principal, Digital Helpmates

Password Hacking Is Not Magic

This article is a "game changer" for anyone concerned about password security.


April 2022

Steven Schnoll


The value of omni-channel marketing

May 2022

John E. Hyde, Esq.

A Reality Check to Better Understand Worst Case Scenarios for Owners of Printing and Graphic Communication Companies

June 2022

Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D.


The Evolution of “Paper to Paper”—

A Journey Defining Print Media and the Printing Industry’s Future

July 2022

Sid Chadwick

COLLABORATION—For Performance Improvement – Omitted by Tradition

Explains Joint Sales Call Protocols. In effective sales, collaboration across company operations helps to strategize sales approaches.

August 2022

Ken Macro

A History Lesson for Today’s Printing Industry—
Joseph Moxon, Printer: Using Science and Standardization

to Advance the Scientific Revolution


September 2022

John E. Hyde, Esq.

The Road Map for Successful M&A Starts with

Chemistry Among Principals

October 2022

Steven Schnoll

Transforming Your Leadership Strategies


November 2022

Peter Schlosser

Leadership in print manufacturing – Who will be there from the next generation?

December 2022

Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D.

The Year In Review: GCAG Papers Span Printing Management, 

Technology, Applications, and History


October 2023

Harvey R. Levenson, Ph. D.

Employment and Hiring Opportunities and Solutions: Addressing Your Industry's Labor Shortage


August 2023

Dieter Finna

Digital Printing Becomes Cool for the Next Generation

A perspective to give the job description »printer« new attractiveness


Digital Printing Scores With Heat-sealable, Food-safe Barrier Paper Based Packaging

November 2023

Dieter Finna

Digital printing with dry toner is becoming more productive, versatile and sustainable

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